UACSUPB team up for fashion show

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Stotler Lounge’s atmosphere went from banquet room to fashion central courtesy of dimmed lights, techno music and an intimate runway. Models wearing earth, wind and fire-themed garments were hiding in the next room, prepping for the show. The Student Union Programming Board and the Union Arts Council teamed up to put on the “Earth, Wind & Fire” fashion show at 7 p. m. last Tuesday. Ten models strutted down the runway in a wide-range of garments including wide-brimmed floppy beach hats, a dress made entirely out of Wal-Mart bags and a "Hunger Games"-inspired red-riding-hood cap and collar. Six MU student designers submitted pieces in the show. The first model to walk the runway wore a design by Shirley Boudreaux, a grad student studying fine arts. The dress made entirely out of Walmart bags was titled “Social Awakening. ” The next two models wore garments designed and sewn by senior Molly Akin. Akin began studying design after she changed her major from pre-veterinarian sciences to textile and apparel management. Her best friend wore her piece called “Fire, ” which Akin said was inspired by "The Hunger Games. " Akin’s second garment “Earth and Wind, ” was worn by her sister. This was Akin’s first time entering Mulberry her creations into a fashion show. “I’m most excited to see the expressions of the crowd, ” Akin said. “And my expressions too, you know actually being able to see my designs on the runway instead of just in my sewing room. ” Another designer, Rose Barkley, is the fashion coordinator of UAC. Her two dresses were made from recycled maps with interfacing on the back and stitched with a free-motion needle. “I used a tea stain on the dye on the fabric in between the panels because my work is talking about trade and movement, " Barkley said. "I was very specific about what materials I used. ” The show also included student designers Allison Turner, Shanna Smith and Abigail Messmer. After the 10 models displayed the student-designers' innovative garments, the three judges deliberated on first, second and third place. Messmer took third place, Barkley took second and Akin took first. Each designer received $25, $50 and $75 Visa gift cards, respectively. “I feel incredibly encouraged and energized to pursue something higher because I totally wasn’t expecting this, ” Akin said. SUPB and UAC worked together to put on the show. Both organizations utilize campus buildings such as the MU Student Center and Memorial Union for activities. “It went a little faster then I expected, but it was still a very successful event, ” said Mollie Barnes, the show’s MC and SUPB entertainment committee member. This was UAC’s first fashion event and SUPB’s first fashion event of the year. “We are providing an outlet for artists and a public sphere that they don’t normally get a chance to show off, ” UAC President Mary Karl said. Karl referred to UAC as SUPB’s “art cousin” and said they hope to host more events collaborating with SUPB in the future.

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