Tod’s dabbles with studs for special edition Gommino loafers

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Who said Tod’s was too much brow for studs? Well, we thought so, but the Italian needs to extend its market from fox fur D-bag loving matrons up to the more adventurous Mulberry Bags Sale.

Say hello to the limited edition Gommino collection of women’s loafers. Known equally well with regards to men’s counterpart, Tod’s loafers for your fairer sex are comfy go-to shoes for errands and then for when wearing heels will not be functionally acceptable (yes, ladies, there’s a time and place for everything).

Naturally, similar to anyone who dips their toes into something they haven’t done before,Mulberry Bayswater Sale didn’t quite come forth with a stellar collection this time around. Some pairs seem like their wear sprinkled with metal hardware without any treat the output would appear like or what exactly they wanted their wearers to wear these phones. A few appear like they might look better associated with a beaded sari when compared to a set of two chinos as well as a casual white button-down.

Maybe they’ll come up with a better line the very next time, to know? Fo the time being, we’re likely to search other options.

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