Thunderstorms A mixed climatological bag for Utah Mulberry Bags Outlet

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Thunderstorms will bring a mixed blessing to Utah this weekend, ushering in welcome rain and lower temperatures — along with dreaded wildfire-sparking lightning xanthe1's blog. The likelihood of heavy rain soaking burn-scarred hillsides will create a risk of landslides and flash floods. But the series of storms that began to settle over the state Friday will help clear smoke from the state’s numerous wildfires from urban valleys, The rain is expected to help clean up the air in Utah and Salt Lake counties, where smoke caused a spike in soot pollution that led some people to complain of scratchy throats and itchy eyes. Leona's blog Photos Related Stories Firefighter’s conundrum: Storms bring rain — and lightning Published July 13, 2012 At a glance Travel safety To see fire-related updates, including road and trail closures, visit Join the Discussion Post a Comment In Salt Lake, Utah and Tooele counties, the Utah Division of Environmental Quality on Friday issued "Red, " or unhealthy air quality forecasts. However, Saturday and Sunday air quality ratings were expected to improve to "Green, " or healthy, the same assessment in effect for the rest of the state’s air quality monitoring locales. "Unfortunately, this is the fire season, and we’re experiencing in Salt Lake County what Utah County experienced two weeks ago, " said bag borrow or steal. He pointed to a web page focusing on wildfire smoke for ideas for protecting sensitive individuals from the impacts and for suggestions to protect the air. "I’m sorry we can’t do more [than provide forecasts], " he said. "Relief will come when the fires are put out. " While firefighters were hoping the storms will drench a series of blazes racing through high-desert grasslands and forests, the National Weather Service issued a briefing Thursday that warned of the potential of harm from heavy rain. NWS forecaster Christine Kruse said the flash-flooding threat was highest in southern Utah on Friday but would spread statewide by Saturday. Showers and thunderstorms were expected to develop each afternoon. "Flash flooding will be possible Friday and Saturday across slot canyons, normally dry washes and other areas prone to flash flooding, " Kruse said the in the briefing. That includes areas burned by wildfires .Mulberry Bags Outlet. Landslides have already occurred on slopes burned by the Seeley Fire in the Manti LaSal Forest in Emery County, according to InciWeb, an incident information system maintained by a coalition of public agencies. On July 7, heavy debris flows from three canyons spilled onto State Road 31. Forest Service officials urged the public to exercise caution when traveling through areas that have been burned to avoid becoming trapped. .Mulberry Bayswater Sale

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