The purse has evolved for tech-savvy Mulberry Messenger Bags Sale consumers

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Women carry many different things with them these days, from the obligatory wallet and smartphone to snacks, cosmetics and a laptop. And their xanthe1's blog have adapted to carry everything safely, efficiently — and stylishly. The handbag had humble beginnings. It started out in the early 17th century as a coin holder that could fit in a man's or woman's pocket. By the 1800s, women wanted something a little roomier and easier to carry. Thus the first kind of "purse" came to be, usually a softball-sized silk or velvet bag with a delicate wrist strap. The modern handbag was born, like so many other wonderful inventions, during the Industrial Revolution. People were traveling more and needed bags that could carry more than just money. British company H. J. Cave produced the first set of modern handbags in the 1840s, including what today we call a clutch and a tote, but then called a ladies traveling case. Purses started taking on many shapes and iterations — the duffle bag, the bucket bag, the saddle bag borrow or steal — and then they became status symbols .Mulberry Messenger Bags Sale. Designers like Hermès, Chanel and Louis Vuitton started creating luxury bags as early as the 1930s. Hermès created a handled leather bag in 1935 that would later be named "Kelly, " after the actress Grace Kelly, who was often seen with the bag. The Birkin bag by Hermès came in 1984, created for actress and singer Jane Birkin. Today, bags with Louis Vuitton, Chanel or Gucci logos are much sought after by aficionados .Mulberry Alexa. According to projections compiled by retail analyst NBD Group and Accessories magazine, the handbag industry will make up nearly 30 percent of the total women's accessories market this year. For those of us who can't leave the house without a cellphone or ipad, handbag makers can help. Tech-savvy bags need special linings and cases to protect expensive technology, while also providing ease of use.

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