Does it Work Wednesday: My Floating Bar

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Tinkering might just prove to be profitable for Mike Peters of Cape Girardeau.

"I've always tinkered with stuff."

This avid lake lover designed a way you can float a cooler, have some shade, and maybe even grill up some brats, all while never leaving the water.

"It's an adult version of Legos."

Mike calls his bag of modular pieces, "My Floating Bar."

You can put together a five or eight-piece bar and put up a 6X6 or 10x10 canopy...or not.  In fact, Mike says his most popular selling item is the $140 floating cooler.

All the parts fit together, allowing you to interchange them easily for the pool, lake or river.

Terri Heisserer uses this in her pool to provide shade to those who want it and to keep her snacks on-hand.

"We like having access to the cooler in our pool. Our drinks are there at any point and our snacks that need to be kept cool, like grapes, and we don't have to get out of the pool. It's very convenient," said Heisserer.

Meantime, boat owners say more and more of these are popping up on local lakes.

"Especially the floating cooler, you don't have to get up and down out of the boat, stay in the water, and grab your beverages. away we go," said Robert MacGillivray, who bought one of the Floating Bars.

Joyce Winchester and her friends cut down their costs and each bought certain sections. They meet up at the lake and hook together.

"We like floating on them."

So, before this product floats off with an excellent grade...a few notes.

It's only made for the Coleman Stackable Cooler. You can buy accessories like carrying cases and even legs to prop your cooler up when docking, all on the My Floating Bar web site.

"Oh, A+---absolutely no question," said MacGillivray.

"A+," said Heisserer.

It's a definite bonus this product is made in America. So, it's a huge splash for My Floating Bar and an A+ on this Does it Work test.

The price of this ranges from $140 for the cooler set to upwards of $1000 for the full 10x10 large canopy package.  Peters said it depends on what you want to customize. More details and a full product display can be found at the manufacturer's web site:

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