Blast in Vasai triggers panic

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A small explosion in Vasai early on Tuesday morning triggered panic across the city, with Central agencies and common people fearing another terror strike. The panic only died down after officials confirmed that it was a chemical blast and not a terror strike.
According to the Vasai police, the incident occurred in Babul Chowk area of Vasai at around 7.30 am on Tuesday.
“A construction worker, Shewanti Wagh, at a site in Babul Chowk spotted a green plastic
bag placed under a hoarding. She picked it up and on looking inside found some clothes and four long glass bottles filled with a yellow substance. She wanted the bag to carry some material and hence threw its contents away. The bottles
burst and caused a small explosion as soon as they hit the ground,” said an officer with the Vasai police.
The sound of the explosion sent people running to the spot.
However, the area was soon cordoned off by the local police, while Ms Wagh and three others, who sustained injuries in the blast, were rushed to a civic hospital in Vasai.
After confirming that there was no further threat of explosives, the police took the remains of the bottles into its custody and sent them for forensic analysis.
“Long bottles are often used by fishermen. They are sealed after being filled with splinters and thrown into the water. The splinters kill the fish after the bottles burst, and the dead fish are then netted. Prima facie, it seems that a fisherman forgot his bag at Babul Chowk,” the officer added.
The police has registered a complaint of causing injury and endangering life due to negligence against unknown persons.

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