Avril Lavigne's Fashionably Loud Product Launch Blends Social Shopping And Rocker Style

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A few flashy billboards, some TV ads, and a handful of high-profile events. When you’re a big brand or Hollywood celebrity and you’re looking to promote the launch of a new product or fashion line, you’re probably going to rely on traditional marketing tactics to generate buzz. When you’re a rock star, and you also happen to be one of the most liked female performers on Facebook with over 30 million fans, there’s a pretty good chance those same tactics just aren’t going to cut it. Before using traditional marketing and retail channels to launch her new line of shoes and bags, Avril Lavigne partnered with JustFabulous, the online fashion styling service and lifestyle fashion brand, to promote her Spring 2012 Abbey Dawn collection. Their integrated campaign included a mix of exclusive backstage videos, a live acoustic performance at The Viper Room that was also live streamed by more than 100, 000 people, and a social media blitz that targeted Avril’s massive following as well as the 5 million members of JustFabulous--all of which resulted in a ton of social engagement and a record breaking day of 10, 000 shoes and bags sold. “With a traditional retail launch, you’re going to spend millions on advertising and only be able to schedule 5-10 major events around the country. By using digital media, we were able to target our exact demographic and create an incredible amount of brand awareness during the first week and that momentum has just continued to build, ” said Adam Goldenberg, JustFabulous co-CEO. “Shopping is a social experience. We look to our friends for fashion advice and share what we like via social media. With the Abbey Dawn launch, we realized entertainment Mulberry is just as important as shopping. ” For Avril, the partnership and nontraditional social and marketing campaign was a no-brainer. “We really wanted to create an experience for all of my fans and fans of JustFab and having an exclusive performance at The Viper Room was the perfect fit, ” she said. "With anticipated sales of 35, 000 units (bags and shoes) in the first 30 days of the launch, they just might be onto something. By incorporating digital media, music, and live performances into the Abbey Dawn launch, Lavigne and Just Fabulous were able to leverage their collective strengths to achieve record-breaking sales numbers. As the popularity of social shopping continues to grow, so too will the opportunity for creative collaborations and product launches.

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